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flux Gaming joins the LoL scene with their new line-up.
  LoL Flux Gaming vs. Tx - 0:1
  LoL Flux Gaming vs. GBE - 1:0
  LoL Flux Gaming vs. Rebellion - 1:0
  LoL Flux Gaming vs. mYC - 1:0
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 Author: HerpDerpHero
 Category: CS: Global Offensive
The New CS:GO Squad Unvieled
Date: 01.05.2013

Today, we are proud to announce the unveiling of the new flux CS:GO team. Our players pride themselves on being the best, and are driven to succeed by a common passion for competition. We have high hopes for every single one of them.

 Author: HerpDerpHero
 Category: League Of Legends
The new LoL Line-Up.
Date: 03.03.2013
After months of searching & many tryouts we are finally happy to unveil our League of Legends (Amateur) team. With this new team, we want to participate in many tournaments and also expect to make a big impact in the competitive scene.
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